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Making The Takeover

Making The Takeover is a behind the scenes web series that follows Digife as they created the film “The Takeover”. This unfiltered series allows you to follow Director, Eric D. Seals, Producer Brittany Applegate, and Writer/Editor, Donnie Seals Jr. throughout the full creation of the film.



Sn.1 Ep.00

What is the takeover?

Take the journey with Eric, Brittany, and Donnie as they create the film “The Takeover”

3 minutes | Aired 5/28

Sn.1 Ep.01

making the takeover | Did we get the job??

Northwestern University's Black Alumni Association put out a call for filmmakers to tell the story of the first protest that happened on campus in 1968. A newly formed video production team from Chicago decided to get creative with their bid, making it the most ambitious project they had ever faced. Follow along with Eric, Brittany and Donnie as they travel the journey of making The Takeover.

8 min 36 sec | Air Date 6/04

Sn.1 Ep.02

making the takeover | We Won, Now What?

After winning the project with Northwestern University's Black Alumni Association, the Digife team quickly realizes that the scope of the project is much bigger than they had anticipated. Creative Director Eric Seals gathered his team together to immediately start researching the story of the Bursar's Office Takeover. A trip to the Northwestern University library proves fruitful, but how the discussion with the archivist was handled is still up for debate.

12 min 4 sec | Air Date 6/11

Sn.1 Ep.03

making the takeover | Homecoming

It's the first day of shooting for The Takeover documentary, and the Digife team find themselves celebrating Homecoming with Northwestern University alum. Later, Brittany starts the interviewing process while news of the contract with the university causes stress.

12 min 23 sec | Air Date 6/25

Sn.1 Ep.04

making the takeover | Cameras up

The lights are up and the cameras are rolling for the first interviews of The Takeover. In this episode, the conversations with two Northwestern alum help give the Digife team their first glimpse into the real story of the protest at #NorthwesternUniversity. Editor/Writer Donnie Seals Jr. has some initial concerns about his interview style. The team also welcomes makeup artist Kayla Boddy.

8 min 17sec | Air Date 7/3

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